Stinging Insect Avoidance

Yellow Jacket NestIt is impossible, not to mention undesirable, to avoid going outdoors, but there are certain precautions that can be taken that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors while minimizing your chances of being stung.

It is important to remember that stinging insects do not seek out humans. The sting of these insects is only used against people for self-defense or in defense of their nest. This is why it is important to never approach or provoke an insect of this kind unnecessarily.

  • If a stinging insect approaches, remain calm and stay still.
  • Never slap or brush off an insect of this kind, as they are more likely to sting when frightened by these quick movements.
  • Avoid orchards in bloom, clover fields, and any areas that are abundant with flowers.
  • Don’t wear bright colors or fragrant perfumes or hair products when spending time outdoors.
  • Stinging insects are attracted to odors such as soft drinks and fruit juices, so be extra careful if eating or drinking outdoors.
  • Yellow jackets make their nests in the ground and paper hornets’ nests may be close to the ground, so avoid bare feet and ankles when outdoors.
  • Caution children about not throwing stones or sticks at insect nests.
  • Have a non-allergic individual inspect property for nests in the early spring and periodically throughout the summer until hard frost.
  • Contact an exterminator or the local fire department to remove stinging insect nests.

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