The holiday travel season is quickly approaching, so whether you’re traveling by land, air or sea, it’s important to know how to store and label your epinephrine auto injector (EAI) properly.

  • Bee Aware of Documentation: Store & Label your EAI properly & carry your Emergency Care Plan. Keep your EAI in its storage tube with the printed label that identifies the medication. When traveling by air make sure you declare your EAI to TSA officers at the checkpoint for inspection.[1] Be prepared to show the prescription label from the pharmacy and a note from your doctor to confirm your allergy. You should also keep a copy of your emergency care plan with the medication in case of emergency. If traveling internationally, check with your destination country/airline for their specific requirements.
  • Bee Aware of Storage: Keep your EAI in carry-on or handheld luggage. Always keep your EAI with you. Do not store it in overhead bins, checked luggage, car trunks, or other places that are out of reach.
  • Bee Aware of Temperature: The ideal temperature range is 68-77⁰F. When traveling by car be mindful of where your store you injector. Car trunks can get very hot and temps can quickly heat past the permitted range. For air travel remember the baggage compartment of the aircraft is not temperature controlled. Always keep your EAI in your carry-on or handheld luggage.
  • Bee Aware of Light: Epinephrine is light sensitive. Protect your EAI from light. Make sure to check the solution periodically. If it is discolored (brown), cloudy, or contains particles, discard it appropriately and obtain a replacement.
  • Bee Aware of Carrying Multiple EAIs: Accidents happen, always make sure you have a back-up. Speak with your physician regarding the severity of your allergic reactions, dosages, and how many EAI’s you should carry regularly and when traveling.

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