Minutes to React

For some, bee stings can turn into deathly allergic reactions. This type of reaction is called anaphylaxis, and it can cause cardiorespiratory arrest in just 5 – 10 minutes.4 So, it is imperative to educate yourself and others on what to watch for after a sting.


Americans Are

living with a potentially life-threatening bee sting allergy.1


Deaths Per Year

are directly related to severe bee sting reactions.2


ER Visits

occur each year for bee sting allergy-related anaphylaxis.2

The Time Frame of Bee Sting Allergic Reactions

Did you know that roughly 7% of the population is allergic bees and wasps?4 You or a loved one may be allergic and not know ...
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Mother comforting her crying child who had allergic reaction to bee sting, can allergies go away?

Can Bee Sting Allergies Go Away?

It’s a familiar belief that children grow out of their allergies. But is it true? Can allergies go away? The answer isn’t straight forward. For ...
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Child allergic reaction

Signs of a Bee Sting Allergic Reaction

Learn to recognize the symptoms of varying levels of bee sting allergic reactions. The next time you’re stung, you’ll know what to watch out for.
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Father and son enjoying fall
Father and son enjoying fall

What is Venom Immunotherapy?

If you or a loved one suffers from severe bee sting allergies, you should learn about venom immunotherapy. This highly effective treatment can help relieve the fear of your next sting.

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