Paper Wasp

Learn to identify a paper wasp: paper wasp nests, if wasps die after stinging, their habits, and more.

Paper wasp on a honeycomb

Yellow Jacket

Yellow jackets are aggressive and territorial. Evade their sting by recognizing yellow jacket nests and different species.

Yellow Jacket Bee


Americans Are

living with a potentially life-threatening bee sting allergy.1


ER Visits

occur each year for bee sting allergy-related anaphylaxis.2


Deaths Per Year

are directly related to severe bee sting reactions.2

Honey Bee

Discover what a honey bee hive looks like, where you’ll most likely find one, and what makes a honey bee sting.

Honey bee on a flower


Hornets are best left alone! Learn to distinguish between hornets and other stinging insects and how best to avoid their nests.


Asian Giant Hornet

The Asian giant hornet (or “murder hornet”) is as scary as it sounds, but your chance of seeing one is rare. Learn what to do in that rare instance.

Asian Giant Hornet


Fire ants can be found throughout the Southern U.S. Learn more about the different species of fire ant and how best to avoid their sting.
Image of multiple red imported fire ants on a piece of wood with a green background.


Do bumble bees sting? Are they different than honey bees? Get these questions answered (and more!) about our favorite pollinators.
Bumble bee on a flower
The Basics of Bee Sting Allergy Testing
Basics of Allergy Testing

The Basics of Allergy Testing

Learning the basics of bee sting allergy testing is a great first step! After some light reading, you’ll feel more ready to contact an allergist.

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