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Do you have a bee sting allergy? Share your story! Let others know what to look out for, the preventative steps you take, and how you’ve found comfort outdoors.

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Father and son walking on path as metaphor for venom immunotherapy success story

Father & Son: A Venom Immunotherapy Success Story

A father and son were stung only six weeks apart, and both experienced allergic reactions. Read their inspirational venom immunotherapy success story.

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Discovering Bee Still Allergies

Discovering a Bee Sting Allergy

Despite discovering a bee sting allergy, Katherine Schlosser spends most of her professional and personal life outdoors.

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A Tragic Death from a Bee Sting

A Tragic Death

Sixty people each year tragically experience death from a bee sting. Read Brian’s story and discover the preventative treatment his wife wishes she knew.

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Father and son enjoying fall
Father and son enjoying fall

What is Venom Immunotherapy?

If you or a loved one suffers from severe bee sting allergies, you should learn about venom immunotherapy. This highly effective treatment can help relieve the fear of your next sting.

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