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Most bee sting allergy patients aren’t learning all their options for post-care. Let’s change that! Get free bee sting allergy resources for medical providers.

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Resources for Children with Bee Sting Allergies

As a parent, it’s terrifying to imagine your child in an emergency without you. Educate yourself on how to best advocate and care for your child with bee sting allergies while at school, camp, or outdoors.

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Americans Are

living with a potentially life-threatening bee sting allergy.1


ER Visits

occur each year for bee sting allergy-related anaphylaxis.2


Deaths Per Year

are directly related to severe bee sting reactions.2


Read bee sting stories from people like yourself to learn what steps you can take today.

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Beekeepers experience a 32% risk of heightened reaction to bee stings.4 Read how to best prevent an emergency in your line of work or hobby.

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Venom Immunotherapy Patients

Are you already a patient or considering becoming one? Learn about venom immunotherapy and tips for caring for yourself during treatment.

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The Basics of Bee Sting Allergy Testing
Basics of Allergy Testing

The Basics of Allergy Testing

Learning the basics of bee sting allergy testing is a great first step! After some light reading, you’ll feel more ready to contact an allergist.

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