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Don’t wait for an emergency. Prevent it.

Contacting a medical provider is one of the first steps toward prevention! Use our physician locator to find a provider who can talk through your testing and treatment options.

3 Tips for Calling a New Medical Provider

Don’t put off contacting a physician because calling feels overwhelming. Here are three simple tips to make this call an easy one.

1. Grab Your Insurance Card

Before calling, make sure to have your insurance card in reach. The provider’s office can verify if they are in-network and any copays you may have.

2. Write Down Your Questions

It is common to forget your questions once you’re on the phone. Take a couple of minutes to jot them down. Leave some space between each question so you can write down the answers for safekeeping.

3. Open Your Calendar

If you decide to schedule an appointment, you will need to check your calendar. Opening it before calling will save you time and stress.You’ve got this! Contacting a provider about bee sting allergies is a significant first step toward preventing an emergency.

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