Stings Per Year

The average beekeeper is stung nearly sixty times per year.8


Of Beekeepers

with a bee sting allergy wear fully protective clothing.8


Increased Risk

Beekeeping increases the risk of systemic allergic.4

Beekeepers allergic to bee stings lifting a honeycomb

Higher Risk: Beekeepers Allergic to Bee Stings

Learn the risk of beekeepers being allergic to bee stings. Plus, gain an understanding of antibodies and their essential role in responding to allergens.
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Beekeeper carefully lifting honeycomb to avoid dangers of backyard beekeeping

Dangers of Backyard Beekeeping + Safety Tips

Avoid the dangers of backyard beekeeping by staying informed and following these five simple safety tips.
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Protective bee suit

Bee Suits & Other Protective Gear

With the right protective gear, you can prevent the majority of bee stings. Check out bee suits, gloves, veils, and more.
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Father and son enjoying fall
Father and son enjoying fall

What is Venom Immunotherapy?

If you or a loved one suffers from severe bee sting allergies, you should learn about venom immunotherapy. This highly effective treatment can help relieve the fear of your next sting.

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