Americans Are

living with a potentially life-threatening bee sting allergy.1


ER Visits

occur each year for bee sting allergy-related anaphylaxis.2


Deaths Per Year

are directly related to severe bee sting reactions.2

Is My Venom Immunotherapy Treatment Working?

If you’re a patient receiving venom immunotherapy, then you know how scary bee and wasp stings can be. Even with treatment, you may experience fear ...
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Bee and honeycomb representing how venom collection works

How Venom Collection Works

Learn the five-step venom collection process to understand venom immunotherapy better.
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Hiker walking in the snow

Can You Use a Frozen Epinephrine Pen?

It’s an easy mistake, leaving your epinephrine pen in the car overnight. But can you use a frozen epinephrine pen? Check out this study.
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Father and son enjoying fall
Father and son enjoying fall

What is Venom Immunotherapy?

If you or a loved one suffers from severe bee sting allergies, you should learn about venom immunotherapy. This highly effective treatment can help relieve the fear of your next sting.

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