Americans Are

living with a potentially life-threatening bee sting allergy.1


ER Visits

occur each year for bee sting allergy-related anaphylaxis.2


Deaths Per Year

are directly related to severe bee sting reactions.2

Rush Venom Immunotherapy

Learn the difference between standard treatments and rush venom immunotherapy in this easy-to-read article.
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woman holding ice pack to arm to treat a bee sting

How to Treat a Bee Sting

Each bee and wasp sting is different. So, treating your sting well is dependent on what symptoms you experience and the severity. But don’t worry! ...
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What Is Venom Immunotherapy?

Venom immunotherapy is a highly effective treatment for bee sting allergies. Learn why and how it works.
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Father and son enjoying fall
Father and son enjoying fall

What is Venom Immunotherapy?

If you or a loved one suffers from severe bee sting allergies, you should learn about venom immunotherapy. This highly effective treatment can help relieve the fear of your next sting.

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