Two Common Bee Sting Allergy Treatments Medical Providers Should Know

When it comes to bee sting allergy treatments, there are two options: reactive or preventative.

Reactive Treatment: Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Epinephrine auto-injectors are a must for patients with severe allergies. There is no doubt that, in times of emergency, this treatment should be accessible.

But did you know that more than 70% of allergy patients fail to carry their epinephrine consistently?7

Not only that, but studies show more than 55% of insect sting patients fail to demonstrate epinephrine pen administration adequately.7

When within the reach of someone who knows how to use it, an epinephrine pen is very effective. However, the stakes are high, and there are many gaps in this reactive plan.

Preventative Treatment: Venom Immunotherapy

Medical providers often overlook preventative treatment when providing patients with information post-care. Doing so is a disservice to allergy patients. They deserve to know about venom immunotherapy, which is up to 98% effective in preventing systemic allergic reactions.3

Immunotherapy is a life-changing, confidence-boosting opportunity for those with deadly bee and wasp sting allergies.4 Instead of living in fear, limiting outdoor activities, and consistently forgetting their epinephrine pens, patients can return to life as nearly-normal.

But it’s up to the medical community to inform patients of venom immunotherapy.

Why Doctors Are Promoting Venom Immunotherapy

Hear Dr. Steve Kernermen explain why he promotes venom immunotherapy.

“As a physician, you’re trying to help people, and this can be such a helpful intervention.”

Inform patients of specialists practicing venom immunotherapy in your area. Search now with our Find a Provider tool.

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