Police Officer Passes Away After Bee Sting

In October of 2021, Whitney and Ryan Allen were anticipating the birth of their second child. Ryan, a police officer in Pennsylvania, had just finished a work out at the gym. When he arrived home, he calmly told Whitney that he was stung by a bee. Moments later, he shared that he was feeling odd.

Officer Experiences Symptoms Within Minutes

The way he spoke made Whitney nervous. She called 911 as Ryan stepped outside. After informing the dispatcher that she believed her husband was experiencing an anaphylactic reaction, Whitney found Ryan passed out on the front steps. At only 35 years old, Ryan sadly experienced both a heart attack and a brain injury.

Signs of an Allergic Reaction

Learn the key symptoms of a bee sting allergic reaction.

60 People Pass Away Each Year in the U.S. from Bee Stings2

Whitney and the EMTs were able to revive Ryan. He spent seven weeks in intensive care, followed by three months in other hospital and rehabilitation settings. Ultimately, imaging showed that Ryan’s injuries would be impossible to overcome, and his family transferred him to hospice care. He is severely missed by family, friends, and co-workers.

Learn to Prevent Deadly Bee Stings

You can take steps today to prevent bee sting related deaths. Learn the signs of an allergic reaction and how to best avoid being stung. Create your own emergency bee sting kit or pursue allergy testing. Additionally, read up on venom immunotherapy. This treatment is 98% effective at preventing bee sting allergic reactions before they happen.3 Then, share what you learn with others.

This story was originally published by several news outlets, including People Magazine, ABC, and The Morning Call.

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